Superposition is a hackathon aimed at high school girls in the Bay Area of all experience levels and backgrounds. Interested in becoming a Campus Ambassador for Superposition? If so, fill out the form below!

PLEASE NOTE: The Campus Ambassador program is no longer accepting applications.

Campus Ambassador?

- A representative in the Bay Area who will promote Superposition in his or her school.

- Be in high school.
- Want to help women get exposed to computer science.

- Advertise Superposition at your school (social media, flyers, school clubs, etc.).
- Be in consistent contact with the Outreach team. 
- Take part in Superposition (volunteer or hacker).

- Featured on our website (social media and photograph).
- Guaranteed a spot at our event (if you are a girl and apply.)
Full Name *

High School Name *

Grade *

Campus Ambassadors MUST be in high school.

Who referred you to the Campus Ambassador Program? *

Ex: Computer Science teacher
Describe what you hope to see at Superposition *

Please limit response to three sentences.
What is your opinion on all-female events? *

Please limit response to three sentences.
List a minimum of three ideas that you have for promoting Superposition at either your school or in your community. *

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